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Free Family Wellness Series at Flutterby

    Please join us the First Saturday of the month from 3-4:30pm 

A Mother’s Healing Circle                                                                                               Feb 7th 2015 @ 3pm

Presented by Kate Kaufman of Community of the MoonimagesCAQT2IYC

Kate will facilitate a healing circle in which mothers can honor their unique journey, learn to respect their instincts and acknowledge their needs. Mothers today are under such pressure to do everything “right” and are given so much advice about what is best for their children. Kate wants to provide a place where mothers can speak without fear of judgment, nourish themselves and be in a circle of peers.




Using Essential Oils  

Presented by Carol Bjorn                                                    March 7th @ 3pm                                                  

Discover a more natural way to care for your family by using essential oils. Learn how to use essential oils as a primary source for remedies, for disease prevention, and for emotional balance. Oils will be available to sample. Please bring any questions you may have.



Family Wellness with Traditional Medicine                                                                                April 11th @ 3pm

Presented by Nihal Kaur, L.Ac                  swings

How to avoid getting sick, and bounce back quickly if you do. Nihal will offer simple techniques to support the immune system naturally and quick fixes for healing yourself and your loved ones.

* The quickest dietary rescue when a cold is imminent

* The best acupressure points to keep the immune system strong

* Why it’s important to manage phlegm production immediately


Parenting from a New Paradigm                                                                                              SUNDAY  May 3rd @ 3pm

Presented by certified Parent Coach Esther Centers                   imagesCA9S9LQ5

Through group games, partner work, and inner meditation we’ll explore how current research encourages us to move beyond consequences and punishments, and we’ll see how adopting a Peace-of-Mind approach can bring more peace to your families. You’ll come away with practical tools which will bring a sense of freedom and healing to your relationships.



           Flutterby is located at 210 Natural Bridges Drive, Santa Cruz CA 95060

Contact Brooke with any questions @ (208) 201-5567

Click here for a printable flier  Flutterby Family Wellness Series 

Please join us for a Free Family Wellness Series

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