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Wanna Join us Friday, August 4th for a FREE evening

of exploration of consciousness and receiving new tools for your tool box???I have been acquiring some super sweet magic out here in Northern California and I’m ready to share it with my Rocky Mt. peeps! 7:30 PM @ Balance Studio in Victor

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Part 1. What is Consciousness? And how can I create beyond the limitations is my life?

I will introduce you to tools and processes of Access Consciousness that will support you in creating the health and life you desire to be living. We will discover how to truly tap into our knowing and intuition and how to listen to our body’s awareness.

Access Consciousness is a set of processes and tools developed to help remove unconscious limitations that may be holding you back in many different areas of your life, health and living. Are you ready to create a sweet relationship with your body? And remember how to cultivate and listen to your inner knowing?


Part 2. Introduction to Access Bars

This is a tool that is beyond any magic wand!!! I would love to share it with everyone (especially mamas!) We will explore; what the Access Bars are, what the benefits of running bars are and you will learn through the experience of gifting and receiving a few of the Access Bars points. These tools can then be used in your life with your friends, children and clients.

Access Bars is an energetic body process that focuses on the 32 points on your head. When these points are held it triggers an electromagnetic release on a physical and mental level. This gentle touch therapy opens up space and allows you to see where you are choosing limitations in your health, relationships and many different areas of your life. This added clarity allows you to be in choice in your life rather than in reaction to this reality and all of it’s insane whims. Are you ready to reclaim your power of choice?

For more information about learning Bars with Brooke

Access Bars Certification Course

Free Intro to Access Bars Aug 4th in Teton Valley!!!

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