7 Areas of Consciously Rockin’ Motherhood


Area 1 Gain Clarity & Create the Life of Your Dreams!

  • Identify and set your targets so that you have total clarity in your world and the capacity to bring your dreams to life.

  • Integrate simple and profound Ayurvedic healing techniques that address your unique body, while working with the natural rhythms that surround you to; balance your hormones, support you in letting go of anxiety and feel more grounded & present each day, making everything easier.  

  • Experience greater connectivity with your loved ones! Create a deep honoring relationship with yourself that is unshakable. Show up more calm, present & available for your kids. Reignite that spark in your love life!



Area 2: Remember YOU In Motherhood

  • Discover simple, yet ridiculously powerful tools and self-care techniques to release anxiety and depression, almost overnight….boosting your energy levels each day and giving more patience for your children, spouse, co-workers, allowing you to have more fun with family, to laugh more and stress less.

  • Learn how to tap into your inner knowing, asking for what you want and following your intuition.




Area 3: Energize Your Body

  • Discover how to move your body in ways that inspire YOU and work for your body. Learn how to incorporate this daily and create habits for the long haul.

  • Uncover what’s keeping you from shedding the weight, create a fresh relationship with your body and start to embrace your beautiful, healthy & fit body.




Area 4:  Nourish You & Your Family

  • Incorporate our “Meal Planning Made Easy System”, that will consistently nourish your family and set you up for success in creating meals with ease and joy.

  • Get simple and delicious recipes that will support a healthy gut, hormone balancing and so much more.




Area 5: Sleep of Your Dreams

  • Establish healthy sleep routines to help you sleep more soundly and combat insomnia so you can wake up feeling rested, energized, and jazzed for the day ahead.

  • Tap into having more energy to play, create and be present with your loved ones!.

  • Finally clearing out the old, limiting beliefs around sleep that you are SO ready to release.




Area 6: Find Your Zen   

  • Incorporate routines into your home that save you time, energy and your sanity.

  • Discover what is distracting you from being truly present and start enjoying this wild ride of motherhood.

  • Learn simple techniques to soothe your nerves, balance your hormones and support your creative flow.

  • Cultivate a healthy mindset that will create new pathways in your brain for less stress and anxiety taking your from reactionary mode to enjoying your life and your loved ones, and being the chillest, most zen mama that you know. 



Area 7: Discover What You Truly Desire

  • Has anyone ever really asked you what YOU desire?  Wouldn’t it feel great to be gently guided with amazing techniques to start tapping into what you really want to create with this precious life? Are you ready to really hone in on what lights you up & start creating space in your life for the things that you love?

  • Learn to gracefully navigate your stage of life and your unique body using the elemental qualities of Ayurveda to support you to start including YOU in your life & create a life that truly works for you.

  • Step into your power & purpose and love your life!



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