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earth mama

earth mama

I provide birth education, labor support, postpartum doula services and rejuvenation through; massage, nourishing theraputic diet, herbal medicine, and bars sessions.


A Doula is a trained labor companion who provides emotional and physical support during labor for the mother and her partner. She helps with child birth education and informs parents about their options for labor and delivery.

Studies have proven that the presence of a Doula, shortens the length of labor, reduces the need for cesarean sections, decreases the need for pain medication, decreases the use of epidural and other obstetric interventions, enhances bonding & breast feeding success, helps the parents feel educated and empowered during the birthing process.


As a Mother, a Certified Doula, an Ayurvedic Practitioner and an Herbalist I would love to guide you through an empowered, healthy and supported pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience.





Birth Doula Services with Brooke include 2 informative birth preparation meetings and one body work /pampering session during pregnancy. As well as continuous physical and emotional support during labor, nursing education and assistance and a postpartum follow up visit.                              $1200

Postpartum Package Deals include; daily ayurvedic massage, nourishing meals, instruction and assistance with baby massage and herbal support in the form of digestive herbs, teas, herbal sitz baths and much more.

3 consecutive days for $555

7 days over 2 weeks for $1,260

20 days over 6 weeks for $3,500

Together we can custom tailor a postpartum plan that is perfect for you and your family.


Birth matters! and how we treat our babies and women during this vulnerable time… creates our society.

Ina May Gatkins


Click here to contact me today and set up a free consultation to see if we make a great team for your journey through pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

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