One on One

Working one-on-one we will play with Ayurvedic and Access Consciousness tools to implement lifestylechanges, shifts in your dietary patterns and possibly herbal supplementation as well as yoga, aroma, color, sound and massage therapy. I’m excited to assist you in stepping beyond the current physical and mental limitations in your life,  and I’d like to invite you to live this life in a space of choice and infinite possibilities. What else is possible that we haven’t even considered?

Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India, which is based on the idea that each person is unique. Using Ayurvedic and Access Consciousness tools we will design a program that is based on the understanding of your unique body and the unique nature of any imbalances in your life. Our target is to create health, ease and joy within your body and mind. How does it get any better than that?


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All consultations can be done in person, by phone or via zoom.

Bliss Therapy at Beeing Well is an Ayurvedic, warm, herbal, oil massage focused on lymph movement, boosting immunity and restoring proper energy flows. This session includes a breast exam, instruction on self massage and overall breast health. During this session we will also introduce your body to the benefits of flowing and releasing stagnant energy. We will navigate removing physical and mental limitations in your life with energy awareness.      

  90 minutes $250

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Access Bars

all of life

Access Bars is an energetic body process that focuses on the 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. When these points are held it triggers an electromagnetic release on a physical and mental level.

This gentle touch therapy opens up space and allows you to see where you are choosing limitations in your health, awareness, relationships and many different areas of your life. This awareness and clarity allows you to start to choose possibilities that you haven’t even imagined were possible.

How much fun can we have with an energetic fresh start? At worst you will feel like you just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater.   Access Bars: Energetic reboot  60 min $150

Access Bars is THE MOST dynamic tool I have come across!!! I have my bars run once a week and I use it with my kids at least once a week supporting them in releasing stagnant energy and soothing their ruffled feathers. I love seeing the dynamic shifts that occur in my clients lives when they choose to have their Bars run. I highly recommend checking it out if you are interested in receiving more, clearing out old patterns and creating the life you desire to be living. It is similar to a massage, you can relax on my table while I gently guide you through an energetic session reminding you how energy flows, while gently holding different point on your head. Each session is different… we may verbally process some or we may not…but you will clear out all sorts of mental clutter and create space for yourself to choose beyond what you have imagined possible. If you have any questions please reach out!!!  Brooke

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Access Bars Certification with Brooke

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