Access Bars Training in Sebastopol!

Join us for a full day of play, transformation, shifts in awareness &

Become a certified Access Bars Practitioner!

During this one day course you will:1977133_783985251630285_214617156_n

  • Learn the 32 Access Bars Points
  • Learn how to use the powerful Access tool called the Clearing Statement
  • Give and receive Bars twice with Brooke’s assistance
  • Begin to tap into your own awareness and your bodies wisdom
  • Become a certified Access Bars Practitioner

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Wanna join us for 8 hrs of healing, clearing energy, learning access consciousness tools and experiencing shifts in your health and awareness?

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Tell me more about what the Bars are!

The Access Bars are 32 points located on your head that when lightly touched and gently held trigger an electromagnetic release on both a physical and mental level. This release creates space and allows for change and healing to occur in many different areas of your life that may feel stuck or blocked. When touching these points or bars of energy on your head we are creating a circuit that starts clearing and deleting any stress, limitations and point of views that are preventing you from having the ease, creativity, mental clarity, money flows, fulfilling relationships, healing or whatever subconscious limitations you are dealing with.

A few of the benefits people have experienced from having their Bars run:

  • More ease in falling asleep and deeper sleepall of life
  • Less worry & anxiety
  • New capacity for dealing with & releasing stress
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Decrease in symptoms of disease
  • More ease in weight management
  • Greater sense of peace and ease in ┬álife
  • More ease in creating the life that is desired

How does it get even better than that?

Parents and Bars Practitioners from all over the world have experienced amazing healing results with running Access Bars with children. I use these tools daily with my own children and I run their bars at least once a week. They usually ask me to run this energetic body process with them while they are falling asleep at night. I love how much ease it brings and how soothing it is on their ruffled feathers when they are experiencing turbulent waters in their lives.

DSCN4523Some of the benefits of running Bars with children:

  • Less temper tantrums
  • More ease in falling asleep at night
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Smoother relating with others
  • Less worry about school
  • Higher test scores
  • Decrease in symptoms of ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism
  • More ease in healing on a physical, mental and emotional level

What people are saying about learning Access Bars with Brooke:

Thank you for the life changing gift. Brooke, you always amaze me. I appreciated being a part of this class. To me, this is the possibility for peace. I’m looking forward to some bars exchanges. A T Santa Cruz, CA 11/2015

Thank you Brooke. The day and this class were such a gift to me. I’m excited to try the bars on my kids and husband! S T Santa Cruz, CA 11/2015

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Access Bars Certification Course

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