MT Shasta Foundation Oct 26-29

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7 years ago I attended my first Foundation class in Santa Cruz, CA and it totally changed my life and opened me up to so much more. I began seeing the places where I was stopping myself from creating bigger and enjoying more and really receiving the gift of my body and my life.

✨Consider this your personal invitation to step beyond this reality into a realm of magic, creation and living this life like YOU mean it! Who’s ready to rock? to kick limitations with your health, your mind and your body to the curb…  Wanna join me in Mt Shasta for 3.5 days of clearing out the old crazy and inviting in what you have only dared to dream until now? I wonder what magic awaits???  We will explore waterfalls, magical hikes, drink water from sacred springs and be surrounded by nature. Mount Shasta is an amazing energy vortex… is she calling you to come and play???

Prerequisite for Foundation is Access Bars…

Oct 26th from 9:30-4:30 we will begin with Access Bars class. Then, Foundation class begins that evening at 6:30pm Oct 26th.

Foundation continues Oct 27, 28 and 29th from 9:30-4:30 each day. If you would like to join us for both let me know and you can register for both classes. Please reach out with any questions!

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